Why St Lucia? guest commentary.

We have heard about St Lucia’s natural wonders like the Pitons ,drive-in  volcano and Soufriere Pitonsmineral baths all found in Soufriere, but on Saint Lucia there is more to be found! I’m not referring to the scenic coastline, mountainous interior that makes for a hikers paradise  the lush green vegetation , pristine waters and beaches. Its true you can enjoy the scuba diving at Anse Chastanet and visit Pigeon Island National Park and deep sea fishing.

However you may enjoy similar attractions  if you visit another island, as you will find any of the above in a Florida theme park where nothing is natural. Yellowstone volcano  is an option but it is active! The Soufriere caldera on St Lucia is dormant  and may one day be a source of geothermal energy.

Map of St Lucia

The main reason you should visit Saint Lucia are its people, they are fun loving. The other islands like the Bahamas and Barbados are very tourist oriented and have aggressive approach in their pursuit of tourism. Saint Lucians have a natural smile and are willing to serve you and help you enjoy your stay. The same cannot be said about the employees  of theme parks who are taught ” to smile when the guest are so many feet away and acknowledge them as they venture closer. ” Thus it can be said that St Lucia does not manufacture tourism!

The St Lucia Jazz Festival, one must admit borrows some from the African American culture, but St Lucians are a diverse people . The population is predominantly of African descent but comprises East Indian, Amerindian and Caucasoid descent. All these cultural mixes means lots of great food to be enjoyed. Our favorite is Jumbo Shrimp Curry at the Hummingbird Restaurant.


Hummingbird Restaurant shrimp curry

jumbo shrimp curry at the hummingbird

The Amerindian influence in the islands cuisine can be found in the locals love of farine made from cassava. This can be seen in the Village of Choiseul where you can also observe basket weaving, pottery making as well as woven hammocks. Given its rich Creole influence, local chefs include a large number of Creole- entrees and stews and callaloo soups  on their menus. It time to plan you St Lucia Vacation!


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