Saint Lucia Carnival 2012

 Lucian Carnival will be taking place May 28th – July 17th 2012. It all starts with the Lucian Line Jam On Monday may 28th at City Circuit, and end with the Parade of the Bands Tuesday July 17th @ Choc Round about to Castries. The official Launch event is set for Sunday June 3rd at 3:00pm- Pointe Seraphine. What is it all about? Carnival is a festival, a grand event more than just a parade. It last over 1month! It involves soca and calypso competitions, like Soca and Calypso Monarch. The beauty pageants are held in different districts then culminates in a “Queen Show ” at National Cultural Centre. There is the King and Queen of the band for the  costumed bands . There is a panorama involving the steel pans . After all this we the grand Parade of bands through the streets of Castries. Book your vacation  to St Lucia as there is plenty to do in a lively party atmosphere for both locals and visitors from all over the world.

Here is the  2012 Calendar
  • Lucian Line Jam 1:00 pm Monday 28th May 2012 City Circuit
  • Piton Soca Stars Semi Finals 7:00pm Friday 8th June 2012
  • Party in de Yarde Semi Finals 5:00pm Friday 15th June 2012 CSA Car Park
  • Just4Fun Cooler Fete 5:00 pm Saturday 23th June 2012 Samaans Park
  • Groovy Soca Preliminaries 6:00 pm Wednesday 22nd June 2012 National Cultural Centre
  • RC Jam 1:00 pm Friday 29th June 2012 St. Aloysius RC Boys School Yard
  • Piton Soca Stars Finals 7:00pm Friday 29th June 2012 WLBL Car Park Vieux Fort
  • Sexy Seducion 10:00pm Friday 29th June 2012 Saint Lucia Yacht Club
  • Congo Lime Jam 2:00pm Saturday 30th June 2012 City Circuit
  • Calypso Semi Finals 6:00 pm Saturday 30th June 2012 National Cultural Centre
  • Party Monarch Preliminaries 4:00 pm Sunday 1st July 2012 National Cultural Centre
  • Groovy Soca Monarch Finals 8:00 pm Friday 6th July 2012 Pointe Seraphine
  • Kaiso Headquarters 8:00 pm Saturday 7th July 2012 Police Headquarters Car Park
  • National Carnival Queen Show 8:00 pm Saturday 7th July 2012 National Cultural Centre
  • Wet Fete 4:00pm Sunday 1st July 2012 Saamans Park
  • National Junior Carnival 1:00 pm Sunday 8th July 2012 Castries Circuit
  • Color Me Red 9:00 pm Wednesday 11th July 2012 Beausejour Cricket Ground
  • Inter-Commercial House Calypso 8:00 pm Thursday 12th July 2012 National Cultural Centre
  • Panorama 8:00 pm Friday 13th July 2012 Beausejour Cricket Ground
  • Outrageous Sexy In Black 9:00 pm Friday 13th July 2012 Gaiety Car Park
  • Calypso Monarch Finals 8:00 pm Saturday 14th July 2012 Beausejour Cricket Ground
  • Power Soca Monarch and King & Queen of Bands 8:00 pm Sunday 15th July 2012 Beausejour Cricket Ground
  • Red Eye 9:00pm Sunday 15th July 2012 Indies Night Club
  • Jab Jab Fete 9:00pm Sunday 15th July 2012 Gaiety On Rodney Bay
  • J’Ouvert 4:00 am Monday 16th July 2012 City Circuit
  • Carnival Pageant 11:00 am Monday 16th July 2012 Choc Roundabout to Castries
  • Parade of the Bands 1:00 pm Tuesday 17th July 2012 Choc Roundabout to Castries
  • Prize Giving Ceremony 8:00pm Friday 17th August 2012



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